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The Yoks City Family Fun Day- Akora Global Homecoming
House visits, School departments' exhibition, Dodots! Lunch & Fun Games
  The Kuzunik Thriller Records Night  
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A Global Homecoming Event In A Family Fun Weekend
It is envisaged that many Akoras from across the Globe will be coming home for this event appropriately dubbed the “Global Homecoming”. This will give Akoras the opportunity for a nostalgic trip back to the Grey City.
  Ethnicity In Our Political Developments...Learnings In A 60 Year Journey.  
  Vision 2030 …the role of Industry, Business & Entrepreneurship.
  A Nation Divided.... That All May Be One
  Achimota School is 90 in 2017
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Fraser House- The Headquarters for WAWC during World War 11
In addition to its historical significance to the Gold Coast and Ghana, Achimota School also served as the Headquarters for the West African War Council at Achinota, Gold Coast.
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  Many Of The Old Die Before Their Time
  What Do We Expect Of Our School Leavers And Graduates?
  Ghana’s educational policy
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