The OAA announces the opening of two accounts . The Land Fund Cedi account and USD FX ACCOUNT held at Ecobank Legon Branch, in Accra.

Cedi Account

ACCOUNT NUMBER 0163074494636601

ACCOUNT NUMBER 0162104494636601


  Bank Transfer    


Enclose a cheque payable to The Old Achimotan Association (not OAA). Please kindly specify the allocation of the gift

  • Dues payments
  • Monetary donation to the OAA
  • Monetary donation towards the OAA prizes on speech day
  • Monetary donation towards the OAA Annual Memorial Service
  • Donations to the Achimota School Endowment Trust Fund

The payments options in Ghana are:

  1. To the Secretariat in person
  2.  Collection by an OAA liaison officers
  3. To Ecobank, A/C Name: Old Achimotan Association. A/C No: 0160094494636601
  4. Airtel Money on 026-657-2207
  5. MTN Money on 055-339-8483
  6. Vodacash on 020-235-7779

 Akoras abroad may pay into Ghana International Bank.

Ghana International Bank

          Sort coders: 60-92-63

          Account Number : 15820402

          IBAN Number: GB66GHIB60926315820402

  To the Secretariat

 Akora J B Danquah donated a desk top computer and an inkjet printer.

  To the school  


Achimota School Endowment Trust Fund was founded in 1991 and its sole purpose for existing is to provide assistance to meet the needs of the school throughout its existence. Support from government is no longer enough to cater to the needs of the school, it is for this reason that ASETFund was established to solicit funds from Akoras and others in order to support and maintain Achimota School.

The main objectives of the Endowment Fund are to:

·         To provide Achimota School with the necessary financial support as well in cash as in kind from time to time and throughout time, for the maintenance of the school

·         For the promotion and encouragement of education in Achimota School

·         For the erection , rehabilitation, extension and the maintenance of the buildings and facilities of the school including the erecting, establishment and endowment of the School Library complex for the use of students of the school

·         For the maintenance and advancement of education, religion, sports and other charitable purposes at Achimota School

As the fund relies on contributions from Akoras, every year group was levied an amount of GH ȼ 500 per year. The fund then invests these payments in money instruments such as Treasury Bills, Mutual Funds and Bonds. The interest accrued from these investments is then used to assist the Achimota School in maintenance and rehabilitation works.

Currently, a five year strategic plan is being drafted in order to facilitate the achievement of the above mentioned objectives. It will include the target amount to be raised within the next five years, fundraising activities to be held by ASETF and the role of Akoras in helping to make the fund stronger and more efficient. Final copies of the strategic plan will be made available to all year groups when completed.

Cheque payments should be made out in the name of ‘ACHIMOTA School Endowment Trust Fund’.

Payment may also be made into the Fund’s account with Standard Chartered Bank, High Street branch, Account number 0100100613200. Direct debit payment is also acceptable.  All Akoras are encouraged to make regular group and personal contributions to the fund.

OAA'91- Tennis Court

 The 1991 Year Group has built two new tennis courts for Achimota School as part of their 25th Anniversary.

  OAA'73 -School Clinic  
  Library Project by OAA'71
  Washrooms Project by OAA '89
  Science Complex- OAA'63
More Projects...
Where to Give
Where to Give

Donations or gifts may be made to the OAA or the School. Presentation for the former may be made at the OAA Secretariat and in the latter at the Headmitress'  office or the Administration Bloc...