How to give

Inform the Secretariat and arrange a meeting with the Headmistress. The Executive Secretary can liase with the Headmistress on behalf of the Year Group for a date the time. These details will be circulated among the executives and representatives. At the agreed time the Akoras will assemble at a designated place of presentation to watch the gift or donation change hands and listen to speeches from the donor and recepient. Akoras,  with others present may inspect the gift /donation.

Enclose a cheque payable to Old Achimotan Association (not OAA). Please kindly specify the allocation of the gift

  • Dues payments
  • Monetary donation to the OAA
  • Monetary donation towards the OAA prizes on speech day
  • Monetary donation towards the OAA Annual Memorial Service
  • Donations to the Achimota School Endowment Trust Fund

The payments options in Ghana are:

  1. To the Secretariat in person
  2.  Collection by an OAA liaison officers
  3. To Ecobank, A/C 0380094472605201, Westlands
  4. Airtel Money
  5. MTN Money





Airtel Money

  1. Launch your SIM Toolkit menu
  2. Select Airtel Money from the menu
  3. Select Send Money
  4. Select Enter nickname
  5. Enter akora when prompted
  6. Enter amount in GHC when prompted
  7. Enter amount in Pesewas when prompted
  8. Confirm payment details
  9. Enter your Airtel Money Pin
  10. Enter your name as Reference
  11. Select OK to complete process

MTN Mobile Money

  1. Go to your phone Menu and select My MTN
  2. Select Mobile Money then Transfer Money
  3. Select Mobile User
  4. Enter recipient number (i.e. 0549757705 Old Achimotan Association Merchant Number)
  5. Repeat the number  (ie. 0549757705)
  6. Enter Amount then Reference (1)
  7. Select OK to confirm payment
  8. Enter MM Pin and OK to complete payment

NB- Subscriber will receive SMS with payment details as confirmation for successful payment. What is entered as Reference during the payment process must always be one (1)


Cheques should be mailed to :

Old Achimotan Association

P.O. Box AH 203

Achimota School



Where to Give
Where to Give

Donations or gifts may be made to the OAA or the School. Presentation for the former may be made at the OAA Secretariat and in the latter at the Headmitress'  office or the Administration Bloc...

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