Prof. Aryeetey takes a bow ….. in grace!

That day ,a confident looking Prof. Aryeetey spelt out his vision for the University of Ghana, which he hoped, with the support of his management team and other stakeholders, to turn into a world class university by the end of his tenure.... FULL STORY
Meet Fashion Artist / Illustrator -AkoraPapa Oppong Bediako
My illustrations usually depict strong, powerful looking women with an attitude. If I was to give a general title for the Papa Oppong woman, it would be: “The Modern African She”. Africa is as chic as any other continent on the planet. Our ... FULL STORY
Akora John Norfolk dies at age 98
He was a former geography teacher and Cadbury Housemaster from 1947 to 1955.... FULL STORY
Designer of the Ghana National Flag has passed away
Mrs. Theodosia Salome Okoh, was born Theodosia Salome Asihene, to Reverend EV Asihene a former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and his wife Mrs. Dora Asihene.... FULL STORY
Speech Delivered at Achimota School’s 87th Speech and Prize-Giving Day
“Let it not be said that it was in our time as leaders of this country (in whatever form) that our educational system collapsed”.... FULL STORY
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Fraser House- The Headquarters for WAWC during World War 11
In addition to its historical significance to the Gold Coast and Ghana, Achimota School also served as the Headquarters for the West African War Council at Achinota, Gold Coast.
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