Cameron Duodu: Nelson Mandela and I
Nelson Mandela
As soon as Mr Mandela heard the name Ghana, he said: “Ah, Ghana! I was there in 1962. I went there to see President Kwame Nkrumah. But I never got to see him.... FULL STORY
Pollia Condensata: The Shiniest Living Thing on Earth
Deep in the Ghana forest, there’s a plant that grows the shiniest fruit in the world. The brilliant blue fruits come from Pollia condensata... FULL STORY
National Archives In Danger Of Losing Official Documents
In January this year, facilities and conditions at PRAAD were published by, but seven months after the publication, virtually nothing has been done to save the national documents.... FULL STORY
Akora Ekow Spio- Garbrah President of Dominion University
The Dominion University College (DUC) is set to admit its first batch of students for the 2012-2013 academic years this September... FULL STORY
The Ghanaian Adaptations to Unemployment
It was therefore not surprising when the Minister of employment and social welfare openly admitted that Ghana at best has fragmented employment statistics. This obviously makes a ridicule of policy makers’ claim for creating jobs for sustai... FULL STORY
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Sunday 7th April 2019 at 1400GMT at the Aggrey Chapel, Achimota School
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Fraser House- The Headquarters for WAWC during World War 11
In addition to its historical significance to the Gold Coast and Ghana, Achimota School also served as the Headquarters for the West African War Council at Achinota, Gold Coast.
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