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Legon Admits 17, 819 Fresh Students
Akora Ernest Aryeetey

 THE VICE Chancellor of the University of Ghana (UG), Professor Ernest Aryeetey has described the admission of fresh students into Ghana's leading university for the 2012/2013 academic year as the most competitive.

This, according to Prof. Aryeetey, is as a result of the present inadequate facilities and limited human resources being confronted by the premier university.

He explained that these drawbacks have compelled the university to refuse many qualified candidates who could have gained admission into the University.

"When students have excellent grades but cannot gain admission to university, it should be a matter of great concern to society. I have been personally pained by the large number of students with excellent grades that we could not admit into our programmes," he said.

He said the problem should also attract the attention of the Ministry of Education, the Ghana Education Service, the West African Examination Council, as well as the leadership of schools in Ghana.

He stated that even with the above problem, the university admitted 17, 819 graduate and undergraduate students. Out of the total number (31, 813) of applications received, 17,819 were admitted; with 15,272 as undergraduate students and 2,547 as graduate students.

The university also admitted 456 foreign students, with most of them from the West African sub region, United States of America, Asia and Canada.

Professor Aryeetey, who was speaking at the university's matriculation ceremony, which was held on Saturday, noted that "matriculation at Legon is significant for the fact that it provides the opportunity for young men and women to pledge their allegiance to the authority of the university, through the administration of the matriculation oath".

He noted that in the quest of the university's aim to solve the accommodation problems, its management policy has ensured that the total number of regular students admitted is what the university can provide accommodation for.

Still on accommodation, he stated that the university has constructed new facilities which had made it possible for the decongestion of the traditional halls of residence.

Professor Aryeetey explained that the source of financing the said facilities was a challenge to the university and the government, and urged students to make good use of it, in a manner that will preserve them for future cohorts of students.

Another area he spoke about was affiliation. According to Prof. Aryeetey, it is the responsibility of Legon, as the oldest university in Ghana, to set high standards as evidenced by its current affiliation with 22 private universities.

He, however, explained that an affiliate student would not be conferred a degree by UG, if the student fails to meet the entry requirement of UG.

He made known that there will be a financial support which would be in a form of scholarship to students with financial problems and urged students to apply when it is finally announced.

Prof. Aryeetey hinted on a new initiative being pursued by UG, which the management believed would help the various units of the university to undertake scientific research.

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