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Memorial and Thanksgiving Service 17 Nov.2013



Let me, on behalf of the OAA and the Achimota family and friends, welcome all of you to this year’s Memorial and Thanksgiving Service for Akoras who departed this earth since the last Memorial Service. Once again we join the global tradition in November of remembering our loved ones who passed away in the course of the year. We also take advantage of the month of November to gather here on the Outlaws’ Hill for our Memorial and Thanksgiving Service. We commemorate this occasion first and foremost in order to commit the souls of our departed Akoras to our Maker. But perhaps more importantly and secondly, we seize the opportunity of this occasion to reflect on the lives of departed Akoras in the light of the mission and ideals of our Founding Fathers. And thirdly, so that we may gain some insights from the lives of departed Akoras as well as learn from the youthful departed as we become more keenly aware of how short life is and how important it is to bring meaning and purpose to whatever remains of our own earthly sojourn. I must confess that as we get older, this Memorial and Thanksgiving Service assumes more significant meaning. For those whom we are called upon to remember get uncomfortably closer, nearer and dearer to us. And John Donne’s poem “For Whom the Bell Tools” assumes greater and more menacing meaning for us the living. The Poem states as following:                                                                                                                     

   Therefore, send not to know,  For whom the bell tolls, It tolls for thee!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Once again the icy hand of Death has touched the Achimota family and taken away our dearest and nearest! This Memorial is difficult for me personally because I lost a very dear friend.

Akora Professor Seth Bekoe, was a pioneering cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital of the University of Ghana Medical School and later a partner at the Three Rivers Cardiac Institute in Pittsburg, USA. He passed away on August 8, 2013. I am sure he is missed by the 1956 Year Group where he was one of the pillars of the Year Group in mobilizing resources for Achimota School. As part of his search to ensure that hospitals in the developing world including Ghana did not lack essential medical tools and supplies, Seth worked closely with Brother’s Brother Foundation that specializes in supplying medical equipment and supplies to hospitals worldwide. As at September 2013, the 55 year old Foundation had supplied some $3.5 billion in medical supplies, equipment and text books to some 140 countries. Seth was a key member and trustee of the Foundation. The importance of his passing was marked by the Foundation in a front page memorial Tribute in their 55th Anniversary Field News edition dated September 2013 and captioned “BBF Remembers Dr. Seth Bekoe. He was a trustee of the Foundation from 2004 till his death in August 2013.Seth Bekoe was one of the first non-Nino boys who confronted me as a freshly arrived Nino boy. He was in Form Two and wanted to bully me. I saw no earthly reason why this small boy should think he could order me around. He told me if I ever ended up in Aggrey House he would show me! I lied that it was too bad for him as I was in Livingstone House. When he later saw me in Aggrey House trying to make my bed, he looked at me. I tried hard not to show my panic. He smiled. And since then over the past 60 years we have been friends. We extend a special welcome to Seth’s wife, Mirta and his daughters - Dorina and Nicoletta and their spouses who have travelled to Ghana here to join us in our Memorial and Thanksgiving Service. They joined Akora Frank Ofei and his siblings and the extended Ghanaian family yesterday in memorial service to Seth. Our special condolences to the family and to the 1956 Year Group for their irreparable loss! Seth held his Alma Mater to his heart and gave generously in support of the School. Seth lived the Achimota ideal of not just giving back to his community but contributed generously to the world at large! Another Akora we lost was a dear friend. 

Professor B A Dadson, of the 1957 Year Group, was a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Cape Coast. He was my classmate and we were in Aggrey House together for seven years. He was a scientist and a philosopher, a genuinely Renaissance scholar! His breadth of knowledge in all fields was simply astounding! His thirst for new knowledge was so great it was not surprising that he ended up a leading member of the Mormon Church in West Africa! The roll call this Year will show that some 10 people of the Year Groups below 1950 passed away in the course of the year including Akora Naomi Appiah née Mitchual of 1940, Akora Engineer Eddie Francois of the 1944 Year Group and a pioneering civil engineer who set up the Highway Authority and trained many of our nation’s engineers. He was a world-class cricketer, a pianist and lover of gardening! Among this Group was Akora Evangeline Mabel Korsah, Senior Nursing Officer and class of 1945, Akora Professor Ben Edoo, neurologist with a flair for impeccable elocution and class of 1947. Akora Henry Ofori, popularly known as Carl Mutt of the 1946 Year  Group, pioneered journalistic satire and helped our nation laugh at itself as we came into nationhood and struggled to gain political maturity. Also in this very accomplished group is Akora Professor I M Ofori of the 1948 Year Group, an erudite and eloquent intellectual and a model public servant of professional integrity. We remember Akora Cecilia Sally Enid Teague (née Turner) of the 1949 Year Group, a talented artist and an independent soul that marched to her own tune and who reminded us that one of the ideals of Achimota which we were losing sight of was not to let anyone learn evil from us! We lost some 14 of the 1951 to 1970 Year Groups. Among these were Akora Seth Galevo of the 1953 Year Group, teacher and artist; Akora Helena Sackeyfio, (née Boaten) of the 1960 Year Group, Akora Clifford Fiadjoe of the 1959 Year Group, Akora Alfred Welsing of 1963 Year Group and Akora Dorinda Bannerman–Bruce of the 1955 Year Group.  Among the 1971 to 1980 Year Groups we lost four Akoras; Akora Etse Selormey of the 1987 Year Group, Akora Abeeku Brew-Hammond of 1973 Year Group, a lecturer at KNUST, Akora Mercy Atta Fenuku Gozo, of the 1975  Year Group, a businesswoman and beautician and Akora Ken Brookman-Amissah, a very promising lawyer. Of the 1981 to 2000 Year Groups we are recorded as having lost 10 Akoras. These included Akora Kwadwo Faakye and Akora Robert Kpenge of the 1998 Year Group, Akora Cynthia Obiri of 1986 Year Group and Akora Ida Ankumah of 1984 and Akora Patrick Kwame Dunyo of 1990 Year Group.  For families that have lost loved ones each of these we are remembering by name and by Year Groups, are all unique individuals. We will probably never see their like again. But we remember them because they were all very ordinary people like you and me. Very ordinary people who lived the Achimotan vision of service to nation and the brotherhood of man irrespective of religion, color, or social affiliation. Very ordinary people who have tried to achieve extra-ordinary feats serving in all corners of our nation and in all manner of duties as a source of living waters to their communities thirsty for alleviating ignorance, poverty and disease. Some of us as Akoras, spouses, friends and family were blessed to have shared in these lives! While we celebrate the lives of those who have lived to ripe and reasonable age, we are always left perplexed and full of questions on these occasions about those Akoras snatched from us before they had had time to reach their full maturity and potential in their professions. We lost 10 Akoras from the 2001 to 2013 Year Groups; how can we explain the loss of Akora Wendy Asase of the 2002 Year Group, of Akora Victoria Holdbrook of the 2003 Year Group and of Akora Joseph Nanka-Bruce and Akora Vishnu Wassiamal both of the 2004 Year Group? What about Akora Harold Ankrah of the 2006 Year Group? These young lives full of promise were only just beginning! I am sure they in their own way give us unique insights into life; not to wait until it is too late to share our unique talents with our loved ones and to be of service to our neighbours!                                                                                                

       On this Memorial and Thanksgiving Day, we as members of the Old Achimotan family can say with pride that our beloved departed Akoras lived a life of service to nation and kept faith with the School mission of being living water to a thirsty land in the communities around the globe in which they found themselves living!  On behalf of the Old Achimotan Association, we wish all the families and friends of departed Akoras heartfelt condolences!AND MAY THE SOULS OF ALL AKORAS WHO DEPARTED THIS EARTHLY LIFE SINCE THE LAST MEMORIAL SERVICE IN 2012, REST IN PERFECT PEACE!      



















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