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Teachers' Appreciation Day -OAA 93

Teachers Appreciation day on Saturday, 5th October 2103 was such fun. Program started at 1pm with the arrival of the teachers, this continued up until 2.30 when most Past students and Teachers had arrived.

Lots and lots of cheers for the Teachers as they arrived and past students got the one time opportunity to call them by their nicknames in their presence, a chorus of 'Addoramus' was sang as Mr. Yirenkyi Addo arrived, Ringo got his fair share of 'fans" and Mr. Ken Kafui received a rendition of " Mi daa Akpe Na Mawu". There was a lot of Interactions and finally the Mc's for the day Akoras Nii Tyni and Alex Sackey officially kick started the program.

Opening Prayer was by former Senior Prefect Akora Dr. Sodzi Tettey followed by a Welcome Address by the Eloquent President of OAA 93- Akora Edward Osafo. Next up,the President of our SSS colleagues talked about the uniqueness of this year's TAD event as it was being hosted by 2 groupings ie the Old System and SSS 1st Batch. His speech was followed by a few remarks from the Funky current Headmistress Mrs. Beatrice Adom , the OAA Secretariat representative also chipped in a few words.

Mr. R.W. Asiedu aka Bobsey was unable to join us yesterday however he has requested that OAA 93 Execs pay him a visit at home during the coming week. His address was handled by Mr. Boafo who hasn't changed one bit.

The Bombastic DJ played some good music as interactions continued. Akora Phillip Dela Zumanu ushered in the second part of the Program with a Roll call of Teachers, his walk through a typical day in a students life and the various encounters with our teachers was full of Nostalgia, its amazing how he remembered so many events from 20 to 25 years ago. The Mc's also had so many tales to tell and i'm sure Maa Noye, Mrs Hanson Bright and Mrs. Britwum's daughter must have felt proud hearing stories and complements about their culinary skills. A mouth watering buffet was served, drinks continued to flow and then it was time for the business of the day.

OAA 93 members took turns to present the awards to the teachers in Appreciation for their dedicated service and for imparting so much knowledge to us.

52 teachers received a Crystal Plaque each with an inscription indicating our gratitude ,this was accompanied by a token amount of GHC 250. Existing teachers were not left out, the Staff common room has been provided with a Multi Purpose/function Copier, Colour/black & white printer and a scanner, extra cartridges plus 10 boxes of A4 paper.

Next up was the cutting of the Anniversary cake and group photo sessions, courtesy of Akora Antoinette Essiedu we popped 4 Bottles of Moet & Chandon Champagne to toast our 20th Anniversary.

As darkness fell, the mood lightened up and by popular demand the DJ dropped the tune "Ice Ice Baby", the 36+ year olds reckoned they could test their dancing skills and relive records night...........Akoras Charles Chapman, Tyni and Kosi Erzuah we hope your backs,legs and arms are ok.

All in all it was a fun event, nice gathering and everyone who attended was happy. I will end here but i'm sure others would share their experiences on this thread.

Pictures are in the gallery section

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