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OAA'98 Donates Cash To Kidney Patient

The 1998 year group of Achimota School on Sunday made a donation of GH¢5, 708.63 +$100 to kidney patient Betty Holdbrook, who is in need of $30,000 for a transplant. carried a story dated March 10, 2016 to mark World Kidney Day on the former student of Achimota School and the University of Ghana Betty.

Betty was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease in 2009 and has been on dialysis for the past six years.

She mentioned that she spends GH¢2, 070 in a month just on dialysis and that goes up to GH¢3, 000 if she is to add medications and other clinicals to it.

During the presentation, which was made at her Dansoman residence by five members of the 1998 Achimota year group, an emotional Betty Holdbrook thanked all who have supported her in the past six years and pleaded with anybody who still deemed it fit to support her.

“I would like to say a big thank you first of all to the 1998 year group of Achimota School for this special gift which I really appreciate so much.

“I have always believed the good Lord will see my through my agony and I know this will become a thing of the past.

“It’s my prayer and wish that I will be able to get a donor and have the transplant done so I can get back to my normal life.”

Her mother, Mrs. Holdbrook, however, recounted the day when she found out her daughter was diagnosed with end stage kidney disease.

“It was on a Monday morning when I noticed she wasn’t looking too well so I asked her not to go to work but rather visit the hospital but she insisted she was fine.

“I also kept on insisting we had to go to the hospital because her face was all swelled up and she had also lost a lot of weight within a short period of time.

“The doctor was very shocked to his bones when he observed her and even questioned why she was going to work in that condition.

“It has since been one battle after the other but God has been good to us and we know he will see us through this difficult period.

“I used to bath her continuously for almost three months and I was totally broken during the initial stages which made me lose a lot of weight too.

“Betty was very supportive when she had a job and she took responsibility for most things at home which I always appreciated and still do.

“It’s our prayer and wish that she gets a donor for the transplant to be done so she can live a normal life again.”

News Source : TV3
Last updated at : 05 April,2016
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