The Executive Committee of the Old Achimotan Association (OAA) would like to invite all Akoras to an Emergency Meeting at 3 pm on Saturday, 11th June 2016. This will be held at Aggrey Chapel.

The need for this Meeting has arisen because of the very rapid encroachment on and stealing of Achimota School lands by various groups and individuals. The rate at which the School lands have been developed by unauthorized persons over the last several years has been extremely frightening. More than half of the land originally assigned to the School by the Colonial Government has either been stolen or is under threat of illegal development. The emergence of new unauthorized developments on land originally developed for the School, to the extent that land thieves continue to build between existing School bungalows, is the most alarming. If unchecked, there is a real danger that Achimota School will not exist as a boarding school on its own campus in another decade! The OAA is determined to assist the School to recover ALL of its stolen lands through every lawful means available.

The latest organized unlawful development is currently taking place right next to the School’s sports fields. If not stopped immediately, sporting activities at Achimota School will end very soon. The school farm is already gone and the sewage treatment plant has been immobilized. Not only are the illegal developers stealing School lands, their use of land guards and macho men to protect their unlawful development threatens the peace and quiet around the School. Student lives are in danger! A number of deaths and attacks on staff properties that are associated with these unlawful developments have already been observed. It is now time for the OAA to act to save the School.

The Emergency Meeting will discuss a number of plans the Executive Committee will propose to stop the illegal developments immediately and reclaim all stolen lands for the School. The buy-in of Akoras is essential to ensure that the plans work. We would therefore like to encourage all Akoras, both Ancient and Modern, to turn up for this meeting. This meeting promises to be different from any OAA meeting you have been to before! Please do come and bring as many of your year group members as possible. This is not the time to be ‘apathetic’. 


Executive Committee

Old Achimotan Association

News Source : OAA
Last updated at : 06 June,2016
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