Dear Akora, as you may be aware Achimota School is currently faced with the monumental task of securing the School lands, which have over time been encroached upon and appropriated for arbitrary development that is not sanctioned by the School.

Over the years, developers have built residential and commercial properties on portions of the School lands, some have brazenly developed properties very close to dormitories and staff residences. 
The encroachment covering over 200 acres is in several places on Achimota School Land including the Folly, School Farm, Christian Village and Anumle.

Of even more grave concern, are the hundreds of squatters, who have pitched several camps in the wooded areas of the property, with some going as far as to even taken over the games field on the Eastern Compound. Quite apart from the serious matter of the illegality in arbitrary occupation of Achimota School property, the squatters pose a security threat to students, staff and workers in the School.

In response, the School is currently pursuing legal reliefs to stop the illegal developments by individuals and real estate developers. The School is also actively working with law enforcement personnel to dislodge the squatters. A lot of work has been done already, and recently a new court order has been secured to effect cessation of all developments whilst the substantive case is being adjudicated. There are a number of court cases involving these encroached areas, the most recent with the Osu Mankralo is the focus for this fundraising effort.

In addition to fighting the encroachers in court, the School, together with the Old Achimotan Association is undertaking a project to build a fence along certain parts of the boundary to secure the most vulnerable portions of the property. The proposed fence wall is expected to stretch from the Golf Course boundary along the Achimota-Legon road to the boundary with the Forest Reserve. It’s a distance of approximately 1.75kms. Construction shall be masonry block wall with intermediate reinforcement at 3.0m intervals, and the wall shall be 2.4m high. The estimated cost is GH₵1,460,000.00, with a 10% contingency that brings the cost to GH₵ 1,606,000.00.

It is for these reasons that Akoras, during an Extraordinary Meeting held on 11th June 2016 agreed that a levy of GH₵500.00 be imposed on each Akora to help defray costs incurred as the School tries to bring the matter to successful closure. There has been a press conference and other media engagements to sensitize the public on Achimota School land issues. There have been other engagements with the Parliamentary Select Committee on Lands and other stakeholders.
Specifically, proceeds from the levy will be used:

1) To pay legal fees incurred on the cases in court;
2) build a wall around the property, making it near impossible for encroachers to develop the land;
3) Evict squatters

To this end a special account has been set up as well as mobile money payment options as outlined below. The OAA President and members of the Executive Committee look forward to a favourable response from all Akoras to this appeal for funds.

An independent project finance committee, made up of Akoras drawn from the Executive Committee as well as the broader membership, will be set up to manage the fund.

Account Name: Old Achimotan Association
Account Number: GH₵ Saving 0163074494636601
USD Forex 016104494636601
Swift Code: ECOCGHAC
Bank Address: ECOBANK GH LTD
Accra, Ghana

Correspondent Banks 
USA Account No. 36013639
Swift Code CITIUS33
Citi NA
111 Wall Street
New York
NY 10043

UK Account No. 0001362303
Swift Code GH1BG2L 
Ghana International Bank PLC
1st Floor, 67 Cheapside
London EC2V 6AZ

GERMANY Account No. 0044032555
Swift Code GEN ODEFF
DZ Bank
Am Platz Der Republik
60265 Frankfurt Am Main

AUSTRALIA Account No. 0001362308
Swift Code GHIBG2L
Ghana International Bank PLC
1st Floor, 67 Cheapside
London EC2V 6AZ

Mobile Money (Ghana)

Vodafone Cash 0202357779
Airtel Money 0266572207
Tigo Cash 0577573113
MTN Money 0553398483

News Source : oaa
Last updated at : 28 October,2016
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