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A Global Homecoming Event In A Family Fun Weekend

A Global Homecoming Event In A Family Fun Weekend

It is envisaged that many Akoras from across the Globe will be coming home for this event appropriately dubbed the “Global Homecoming”.   This will give Akoras the opportunity for a nostalgic trip back to the Grey City. It will also give Akoras a chance to re-connect with Friends, Classmates, Family, Seniors, Juniors, Ex-Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Crushes, Once-upon-a-time feared bullies as well as well-remembered and loved schoolmates.

This trip to Achimota School will also afford Akoras from all over the chance to see at first hand the developments chalked for and in Achimota School as well as some of the dire challenges our Alma Mater faces. 

Format:  Visits to various houses, Visits to the site of the old School Farm, Visits to various Departments – Art School, Home Economics etc for an Open-Day.   Lunch with current student.  What’s on the menu? Dotch (Dodotsi) of course! Ok … you are a “Digital Age Akora” and called it “Red, Red”? No worries … just come along!! You’ll just “clear the tables” after lunch.

This will all be climaxed by a 2-day Family fun-day on the Games field.  Games between generations of Akoras, Akoras Vrs Students, PTA vrs Students, Akora vrs Staff etc.   Our kids will also be entertained with Bouncy Castles, Face Painting etc etc etc.

It’s going to be BIGLY HUUGGGEEE!!!

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Last updated at : 01 June,2017
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