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Akora K.B. Asante Passes On

By Akora Prof. Ernest Aryeetey

OAA President

It is with great sadness that the OAA and the community of Achimotans worldwide have received the news of the call to glory of our very own Akora K.B. Asante. He was, without a doubt, a great teacher, a diplomat par excellence, a devout christian, a columnist of note, a highly respected political analyst and a most dedicated Akora. He was also, undoubtedly, the very definition of "living waters to a thirsty land”, which is how he lived his life on a daily basis. We daresay that Ghana has lost a very great man. His strong voice and opinions, and his revered presence, will be sorely missed at our Achimota functions.

Akora K.B., yaaw) odzogban. Rest in eternal peace.

News Source : OAA
Last updated at : 22 January,2018
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