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Freedom of speech not cheap talk
Justice V.C.R.A.C Crabbe

Justice V.C.R.A.C  Crabbe, has expressed regret over the manner in which the country’s airwaves have ben turned into forum for what he described as ‘cheap talk’.

According to him this is being done in the name of freedom of speech or press freedom, without recourse to decorum. He cautioned that freedom of speech went with duties and responsibilities which should be subjected to restrictions necessary for the growth and furtherance of gains in the country’s democratic dispensation.

This was said at a lecture on the theme “Entrenching democracy through the rule of Law”, part of activities marking the 53rd Law week celebration of the SRC of the Ghana  School of Law.

He said Ghanaians must make continuity in the Constitution characteristics of the country’s democracy and also use legal means to satisfy its purpose. According to him, the country’s earlier constitutions were never allowed to work and fell under the gun, while pre-independence activities, such as the 28th February, 1948 riots, had a greater impingement on the current Constitution. The constitution, he noted, was a historical, political and legal document, not a catalogue of power s, which led to the realization of what Ghanians were but not the prejudices, morals and parochial interests of some people.

He said good governance and democracy hinged on the proper functioning and efficient performance of the organs of state and that the law, the constitution and the Judiciary were all false hopes because their liability lay in men. He further stated that the Constitution was organic and therefore , it must be allowed to grow, since the country’s democracy had been prescribed by it.

He said the rule of law required that the government and the governed observed and obeyed the law, which essence was to control the exercise of power, so that every institution of state acted within the comfines of the law.

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Last updated at : 19 March,2012
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