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Simple ways of making your computer run fast

Simple ways of making your computer run fast

As a computer user you can be pretty much sure that in some point of its life cycle, it will slow down and even start to crash from time to time. There is nothing unusual about it and almost every computer owner have to find at some point slow computer solutions. First let’s look at some common slow computer causes.

Some Common Causes of Slow Computer

·         Virus and spyware infection: Viruses and spywares eats up a large chunk of computer memory and processing speed once they enter into your PC. Spyware also spies your activity and collects personal data from your PC.

·         Overloaded by Programs: Computers do stagger when there are too many programs that are running at the same time.

·         Too many junks: As you use computer, unnecessary files get collected over time. These are temporary files , cache files, cookies and other unnecessary files that take up disk space.

·         Fragmented hard drive: If your hard drive is fragmented, then all your data stored in it are jumbled up so your PC will take longer time to access your files.


Here are few simple slow computer solutions:

1.       Reduce the number of program that start when the computer is turned on: Open run, type msconfig and click ok. Then click the start up tab. You will see a list of programs that start when the computer is turned on. Disable any programs you are sure you do not need.

2.       Disable the beautiful things: Go to control panel then open the system properties, in the advanced tab, click on the performance and then select “Adjust for best performance”.

3.       Make more free space on your hard drive: People usually have tendency to forget about programs that they installed. After few months of using, the computer is full of different programs that only waste free space on the disk. Make more free space by deleting unwanted files and programs.

4.       Turnoff the computer for about two – three minutes:  so you can almost 100% sure that the Ram memory has been complete flushed out. Sometimes a good old fashioned restart of the computer can make wonders and solves a lot of computer problems.

5.       Clean Registry: This can be probable the best of all slow computer solutions. Registry is a vital component of every operating system. It contains the most important data and setting . Every single software, game document is included in your registry so they can work flawlessly. Problem occurs when different harmful or bad designed programs damage your registry or cluster it. After a while, registry is full of unnecessary or corrupted data that shows your PC.

How to fix registry

You can use a great tool such as registry cleaner. This is one of the best slow computer solutions that works almost instantly.

There are many other ways to help solve the problem of slow computers, but those mentioned above are cheap and hassle free. Also, they only take a short amount of time to be completed. But do take note that if all fails, it is wiser to seek help from a technician who will certainly be able to help you out even more.

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Last updated at : 19 March,2012
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