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James Town youth vow to eliminate gays from their midst

Some youth of James Town, a suburb of Accra, are insisting they would do all it takes to eliminate homosexuals from their community.

The youth, who have since Sunday been assaulting persons suspected to be homosexuals in the area, embarked on a demonstration Friday ostensibly to put fear into them.

Nine of the suspected gays and a lesbian have fled the community and are seeking refuge at the premises of a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in Accra.

One of the demonstrators, Daniel Belle who spoke to Joy FM’s Evans Mensah on Top Story, said homosexuality offended the beliefs and practices of the people James Town and therefore will ensure nobody living on the land engages in the act.

He explained that though gays had existed in the community since time immemorial, the youth were appalled by the boldness of the alleged homosexuals who show affection in the presence of others.

He said they show no regard to the people by holding hands, kissing and even squeezing the buttocks of their partners in the full glare of others, including elderly ones.

These acts, Belle insisted, could not be allowed to continue.

He claimed the youth had reported to the James Town police about the incidence and the police have given them authority to take whatever action they deemed necessary.

"They (the gays) should get out of our land", the Daniel Belle maintained, noting that "we don’t want our children to emulate them".

Meanwhile, Criminologist Professor Ken Attafuah minced no words in condemning the recent attacks on gays in the community.

He said it was regrettable for the police to watch unconcerned while people took the law into their own hands.

As a society, Prof Attafuah said, “…all of us have collectively failed to speak against unjustified attacks on persons over the years."

"We lynch people we suspect to be witches, we lynch armed robbers, we lynch pickpockets, we lynch people we disagree with, we lynch all kinds of people and it is no wonder that we would want to give our tacit support to people who are willing to go out there and do harm to people they believe to be homosexuals.

…People have the right to oppose those whose moral standards they find offensive; to oppose them in a manner that is law bound but they do not have the right to go on attacking people in their homes…”


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Last updated at : 20 March,2012
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