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MFWA to sanction media houses who engage in politics of insults

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) is collaborating with the National Media Commission (NMC), the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) and the Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG) to sanction radio and television stations who allow their platform to be used by politicians to engage in the campaign of insults and lies.

The Executive Director of the Foundation, Professor Kwame Karikari said, a task force constituted by his outfit will begin work from April 1.

He said the over 10,000 task force members will monitor all radio and television stations, to identify standards using the GJA code of ethics as a yardstick.

The sanctions will come in the form of a public campaign by the Media Foundation to discourage listenership by the citizenry, and the loss of revenue from advertisers by challenging the Advertising Association of Ghana to notify their members not to place adverts in any corporate media institution until they abide by the professional standards of broadcasting worldwide.

According to Professor Karikari, the findings of the taskforce will be made public every week until after the electioneering period to maintain sanity in the country’s political arena.

Professor Karikari expressed dissatisfaction about the campaign of insults and lies currently pertaining in the media landscape and noted the trend did not augur well for the democratic dispensation in the run up to the 2012 elections.

He charged politicians to campaign on issues rather than insults to safeguard their own integrity and that of the country as a cradle for democracy in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Those who want to lead us must show that they have the potential to be tolerant. They must tell us the truth and always give us reliable information. Any politician who lies and insults on whatever platform is not worthy to be voted for. The politics of insults over the years have not only confused Ghanaians, but have made the political parties supporters to be hostile towards each other and have engaged in several confrontations at the least provocation” Professor Karikari said.

Chairman of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Charlotte Osei launched the project.

According to her, the rate at which the media was been used as a tool by politicians to slander each other did not augur well for the development of the country and must be stopped immediately.

PNC flag bearer, Hassan Ayariga said, the PNC has vowed to campaign on issues in this year’s elections and warned any member of the party caught engaging in the politics of insults will be severely dealt with.

Representatives of the Christian Council of Ghana, the Ghana Pentecostal Union and the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association offered support for the campaign.

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Last updated at : 20 March,2012
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