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Old Achimotan Association (OAA)

Constitution and Rules Revised at the Resumed Annual General Meeting

On 28th April 2013



Rule 1           Name of the Association

The Association shall be called "Old Achimotan Association".

Rule 2:         Objects of the Association

The Association shall have for its chief object the formation of a bond of union between Old Achimotans and the School to promote the maintenance of their interest in the School and their willingness to assist in its welfare, and to promote the welfare of its members and the ideals for which Achimota was founded.

Rule 3          Membership

Full Membership:

a.       Full membership of the Association shall be open to those who attended classes at Achimota and who completed a recognised course and who are not still pursuing a course of Secondary Education.


b.       Classes of Membership:

i. Guest Members

The spouses of ordinary members, who do not otherwise qualify to be members themselves under 3(a) above, shall be admitted as a member upon presentation by a member. These spouse members shall be designated as guest members who shall have the same rights and privileges as members except the right to vote.

          ii. Honorary Members:                                                                                       There shall be a category of members to be designated as honorary members. Honorary members shall be people who are deemed and recognized by members of the Association as having demonstrated belief in the ideals of the School, and who would have been recommended by members, and approved for honorary membership at an Annual General Meeting.


c.       Membership of the Old Achimotan Association shall imply acceptance of the rules and regulations of the Association as from time to time provided.


Rule 4:         Officers:

The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer and an Executive Secretary. All officers of the Association shall be elected biennially at an Annual General Meeting. Elected officers shall not hold the same office for more than 3 (three) consecutive terms. When considered necessary, an Assistant Treasurer may be appointed by the Executive Committee on the recommendation of the Treasurer. The Executive Secretary may be paid an honorarium as approved by the Executive Committee.                                                                      


The President, or in his absence, the Vice­ President, shall preside at all Executive Committee and General Meetings. In the absence of the President and the Vice-President, the members shall appoint a Chairman from among the members of the Executive Committee present to preside at the meeting.

The Headmaster/Headmistress of the School shall be an ex -officio member of the Executive Committee and of the Association, if not entitled to full membership.


Rule 5:         Executive Committee/Council:

The Executive Committee of the Association shall consist of the four officers of the Association, the immediate past President and eight members, elected biennially at an Annual General Meeting. The affairs of the Association shall be managed and the funds administered by this Executive Committee which shall have power to authorise sundry payments. The quorum for an Executive Committee Meeting shall be 6 (six). In the event of a tie in the votes, the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote.                                

The Treasurer shall be required to produce an annual balance sheet and an income and expenditure account duly audited by the auditor appointed at the previous Annual General Meeting.

The elected members shall be chosen biennially at an Annual General Meeting. Vacancies among the officers or the members of the Executive Committee occasioned by death, resignation, or refusal to serve, shall be filled by the Committee, pending confirmation at the next Annual General Meeting.

Rule 6:         Rights of Guest and Honorary Members

Guest and Honorary Members shall have the right to wear the colours of the Association, and to attend and speak at meetings of the Association.

They shall enjoy all the social privileges of Membership, save that they shall not have the right to vote in the election of the Association's Representatives on the School Board, nor may they vote at meetings of the Association. They may however, be elected as Officers or Members of the Executive Committee.                                  

Rule 7:         Sub-Committees:

The Executive Committee may appoint such sub-Committees as may be thought desirable from the members of the Association.

Rule 8:         Fees:

8.1 There shall be no admission fee. Members eligible for full membership shall pay annual dues as determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting through their regional groupings to the Executive Secretary, for deposit with the Treasurer.

8.2 Akoras who have celebrated their 50th Anniversary (Golden Jubilee) shall have the option of paying 50% of the agreed membership dues. 

8.3 Akoras above the age of 75 years who have been in good standing for at least 20 years shall be exempt from paying dues but may make a donation.  

8.4 Guest and Honorary members are not obliged to pay dues but may make donations.

8.5 Akoras still studying in institutions of learning at vocational, technical or tertiary levels may pay 50% of agreed membership dues.

8.6 All members of the Association may be invited by the Executive Committee from time to time to make further subscriptions or donations for purposes of projects and activities approved by the Executive Committee or the Annual General Meeting. 

Rule 9:         Funds of the Association

All monies received on behalf of the Association shall be placed in an account to be held in the name of the Old Achimotan Association.

Rule 10:       Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held at Achimota during the month of April every year or at such time as the Executive Committee of the Association may decide.                      

The quorum for Annual General Meetings shall be 35 (thirty-five). The Executive Committee shall give at least 21 (twenty-one) calendar days’ notice for the convening of an Annual General Meeting.

Where there is no quorum at an AGM the rule for the quorum shall not apply at the resumed AGM or EGM.

Rule 11:       Election of Representatives to School Board                                                                                                                                                The Election of the Association's Representatives on the School Board shall be conducted according to the following procedure:-

The Executive Committee shall invite nominations from Year Groups. On receipt of the list of nominees, the Committee shall convene a meeting and elect Representatives to the Board.  

Rule 12:       Extraordinary General Meeting

1.    General: The Executive Committee shall, upon a written request from twenty (20)     OAA members, call an Extraordinary General Meeting if the request is received at least twenty-one (21) calendar days in advance and states the purpose of the meeting.   

2.     Notice of Meeting: The Association shall issue written and electronic notices stating the date, time and place of the Extraordinary General Meeting and shall transmit such notices to members in good standing through the most appropriate means including but not limited to e-mail ad by placement on the OAA website at least twenty-one (21) calendar days before the date scheduled for the meeting.                       

Rule 13:       Suspension

In order to suspend, exclude, or remove any member from the Association a majority of the Executive Committee present at a meeting especially called by the direction of the President or in his absence the Vice-President, or at any ordinary Executive Committee Meeting, must vote by secret ballot for his suspension, or removal.

Any person so suspended, excluded, or removed may appeal to the Members of the Association at the next General Meeting, when the question of his suspension, exclusion or removal shall be determined by a majority of those present voting by secret ballot. No person excluded or removed shall have the right to wear the Old Achimotan Association colours, and no person suspended shall wear his Old Achimotan Association colours during the time of his suspension, or participate in any of its activities.


Any full member desirous of proposing any alteration in or addition to the Constitution of the Association, or of bringing forward any Resolution, shall give notice in writing of such proposal to the Executive Secretary at least one month before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting; provided such proposals are supported by at least 10 other members, but no alteration in or addition to such rules shall be made, unless the same be carried by at least two-thirds of the members present and voting at the ensuing Annual General Meeting or adjournment thereof. 

Rule 15:       Motions for General Meetings

Motions to be placed on the Agenda of General Meetings other than business placed on the Agenda by the Executive Committee shall be proposed by the official Regional, or Branch Groups of the Association, and shall be forwarded to the Executive Secretary not later than 28 (twenty-eight) calendar days prior to the General Meeting.

Rule 16:       Regional Branch and Year Group Organisations

1.      Regional Branches of the Old Achimotan Association shall exist in the administrative regions of Ghana, overseas and as internet-based groups. 

2.      The Executive Committee shall put in place arrangements to facilitate absentee or electronic voting by members as well as communicating through the most appropriate means including but not limited to e-mail.

3a. Year Groups within the Old Achimotan Association shall exist - one for each year of students who have passed out of Achimota. The Year Group shall be named the year at which students took their first public examination in the school - except that Akoras shall have the right to join the year group they feel is most appropriate. No Akora shall join more than one Year group as a full member. Established Year Group Organisations shall appoint their own officers.                                          

3b. A Year Groups' Representatives’ Committee consisting of representatives of each Year Group shall exist within the Constitution and Rules of the Association. The Committee shall be subordinate to the Executive Committee. The Committee shall meet once a month to deliberate on the affairs of Achimota School and the Association. Where an issue has to be decided by vote, each Year Group present and voting shall be entitled to one vote only.


4. The Secretary of each Region, Branch or Year Group of the Association shall send each year to the Executive Secretary of the Old Achimotan Association, an annual report on the activities of his Group for the current year one month prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Association, together with a list of members indicating the dues payment status of each member.


5.  Regional Branches and Year Groups of the Association shall collect annual dues of their members (over and above the individual Year Groups’ dues) and any other levies instituted by the Executive Committee for onward transfer to the Executive Secretary for deposit with the Treasurer.


RULE 17       General: The Executive Committee shall facilitate absentee or electronic voting in the most appropriate medium or format.


                   The Executive Committee shall put in place arrangements to facilitate communications among members who cannot be physically present to vote by proxy or electronically.


                   Members in good standing, and who reside outside Accra, or are absent during the period when a vote is taking place at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting, may cast their vote in abstentia, either:


(i)           Submitting a completed absentee ballot form to the Executive Secretary at the OAA Secretariat directly or through a personal proxy.


(ii)          Completing an electronic version of it online or downloaded from the OAA website.


                                                                              Akora Kwame Pianim

                                                                                 President, OAA


                                                                                   28th April 2013





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About OAA
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