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Dues shall be paid by every Akora to the Old Achimotan Association (OAA) of 2006, according to Rule 8 of its Constitution.

Rule 8:


There shall be no admission fee, but those eligible for full membership shall pay annual dues as determined from time to time by the Annual General Meeting through their regional or group organisation to the Executive Secretary, for deposit with the Treasurer. Associate, honorary and guest members are not required to pay dues but may make a donation.

All members of the Association may be invited, however, to make further subscriptions or donations approved by the Annual General Meeting.


How to pay

 Akoras may contact  the OAA Secretariat  in person, by phone or email for an update on their dues' status.

Registered and fully paid up Akoras may check their dues' status online.

Apart from the following, various online or e-payment options as well are available to facilitate payment of dues.

At the Bank

To the Secretariat

At Year Group level


Where to pay

Akoras may pay their OAA dues:

Direct to the OAA Secretariat

Through their Year Group Treasurer who may submit a list of Akoras who have paid together with the funds to the Secretariat so that individual receipts are issued for the monies collected


Call for a Liaison Officer who will issue receipts for all monies received.


Akoras may pay into the Association's accounts at:

 Old Achimotan Association          

 Legon Branch

 Account No. 0160094494636601


Ghana International Bank

          Sort coders: 60-92-63

          Account Number : 15820402

          IBAN Number: GB66GHIB60926315820402



 Account No: 0160094494636601

Swift Code: ECOCGHAC038

Sort Code: 130124

When payment is made, copy of the payment slip should be made available to the Secretariat for the updating of the records.



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