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OAA Objectives

The Old Achimotan Association was formed with the following objectives:

  • To foster the formation of a bond between Old Achimotans and the School
  • To promote the maintenance of their interest in the School and their willingness to assist in its welfare
  • To promote the ideals for which Achimota was founded.

The purposes and ideals for which Achimota stands for are:

  • The best use of the minds and bodies which God has given us;
  • An equal opportunity for girls with boys in education;
  • Respect for all that is true and of lasting value in the old African culture, beliefs and ways of life;
  • Willing, humble service of the educated for the uneducated;
  • Mutual understanding and co-operation between Christians of all denomination, and the growth of that spirit in which the Churches shall one day be united again;
  • Friendship, respect and co-operation between the black and white races in equal terms;
  • The belief, on which all else rest, in Jesus Christ as the revelation for all time and all peoples of the love of God an as the guide and patters our lives.

Cadbury House, a boys' house, was named after the world- renowned cocoa products' company Cadbury and Fry Ltd, which has been the School's benefactor for many years.
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