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The Secretariat
OAA Secretariat

 The OAA Secretariat is the first point of call for all Akoras on alumni matters, with staff who support the Executive Committee in administering the OAA. The workings of the Executive Committee are supported by a secretariat which also doubles as an alumni office, working closely with the Executive Committee. The Secretariat constitutes the day-to-day contact point for members of the OAA and general public.

he Secretatiat T is located on the School's premises at the Staff Club House. The personnel are:  

  • Executive Secretary            - Eunice Quarcoopome  
  • Administrative Assistant    - Marian Crabbe
  • Operations Officer               - Gloria Wiredu

According to Rule 8 of the Constitution, Akoras are expected to pay dues to the OAA for among other things, the upkeep of the Secretariat.  Underlisted is the dues' payment schedule.

Dues' Payment Schedule

  • From 2007 to date     -   GHS 60.00 per year

Contact Us
Office Hours: 9am- 5pm (Mondays- Fridays)                                                                 

  • Executive Secretary - Eunice Quarcoopome     024 4382871
  • Administrative Assistant - Marian Crabbe         027 7203203
  • Operations Officer - Gloria Wiredu                   024 3131045

Email addresses:                                                                                     

  • president@oldachimotan.net
  • vice_president@oldachimotan.net
  • treasurer@oldachimotan.net
  • exec_sec@oldachimotan.net
  • info@oldachimotan.net

 Follow us on:

  • OAA SECRETARIAT on facebook
  • oldachimotans@gmail.com
  • Old Achimotans Association on LinkedIn
  • oldachimotans on Twitter


About OAA
About OAA
The Old Achimotan Association, (OAA) is an Association of former pupils and staff of the Prince of Wales College, later Achimota College and School.
About OAA
In Memoriam
This is a list of Akoras who have passed away since the OAA Memorial Service was held in November 2011. Kindly update the list as soon as possible.
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Year Group meeting places
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  2016-2017 Ernest Aryeetey
  2012-2014 Esi Gadegbeku
  2012-2014 Beatrice Adom
  2012-2014 Sarah-Lynn Mansaray
  2013-2013 Esi Gadegbeku
  2012-2014 Robert Adu-Mante
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