The OAA has a Projects Committee, which assists Year Groups and Akoras with costing, co-ordinating, implementing and monitoring of projects. Year Groups (irrespective of their celebrations) looking to adopt a project, should initially contact the OAA Secretariat for a list of the School's Projects. This list is updated periodically in consultation with the Headmistress.

By doing this, duplication of effort is eliminated and the projects are better coordinated. Year Groups are encouraged to select projects which are financially viable to them so that the project is completed on time. Resource mobilisation must begin well in advance to enable raise enough funds for execution.

For projects which are more capital intensive, Year Groups are encouraged to team up with other Year Groups to raise funds and execute. Team effort is guaranteed to make the financial burden lighter.

50th Anniversary Project

Ideally projects adopted by 50th Anniversary celebrants should be completed by the Founders' Day they are hosting to enable them hand it over at the climax of their celebrations.

25th Anniversary Project

The 25th Anniversary celebrants, should complete their project by Speech Day of the same year they host the Bonfire Night.

In order to do this Year Groups must plan and raise funds well in advance of their celebrations to ensure that project that they start  gets completed.

After two years of inactivity, suspended projects will revert back to the list for any other Year Group to revive and complete.

If no year group shows any interest in a suspended project and the initiating year group shows interest, it will be re-allocated to the group upon satisfactory proof of availability of resources to complete.



1.      New modern Dining Hall (East) (Chosen by the 1966 and 1967 year groups)

2.      Seven sets of complete Public Address System for the Chapels, Assembly Hall and Dining Halls

3.      Construction of a new Swimming pool

4.      Rehabilitation of Western Kitchen

5.      Rehabilitation of Sewage System (Government project)

6.      Walling of the School

7.      Construction of a New 3,000 seating capacity Chapel (drawings available in the School)

8.      A thorough examination of Water system and replacement of old pipelines

9.      Footbridge at the Western and Hospital Cross roads.

10.  Rehabilitation and expansion of the Cadet Square ( Chosen by the 1968 Year group)

11.  Rehabilitation of Staff washrooms

12.  Rehabilitation of Archives

13.  Rehabilitation of Boys’ Gym

14.  Construction of a girls’ dormitory block

15.  Construction of a boys’ dormitory block

16.  Construction of a new Science laboratory complex

17.  Construction of a Geography School

18.  Tarring of the new oval road

19.  Rehabilitation and painting of East Dining Hall

20.  Provision of Solar Power for School Buildings (e.g. Classrooms, Dormitories, Assembly Hall, Chapel, Science and ICT Laboratories, Administration etc.)



21.  Repair of School Bell and Repair of School Clock

22.  Open Truck for market

23.  Refuse collecting truck

24.  Water Tanker(s)

25.  Construction of Pavilion, washrooms and rehabilitation of athletics oval

26.  Rehabilitation of staff bungalows (one at a time)

27.  Changing of old electrical cables in all School buildings

28.  Pavement blocks for areas behind Coca Cola block and Chapman Nyaho block.

29.  Computers and Accessories (Scanners, Printers, UPS etc.)

30.  Risograph  machines, Photocopy machines

31.  4000 collapsible chairs for the Assembly Hall

32.  Lawn mowers/tractor mowers

33.  Chain saws

34.  Buckets of white and black emulsion or oil paint

35.  Fluorescent tubes and bulbs (energy saving)

36.  1000 Graduation Gowns

37.  Dais


   Needs of the OAA Secretariat

        1 water dispenser                         

        1 5kva generator                          


        1 photocopier (Canon)                   

        1 desktop computer (HP)               

        1 UPS (APC)                                

        1 3-in-1 workstation                       

        4 swivel chairs                              

        2 visitors' chairs                            

        2 Filing cabinets                            

        1 storage cabinet                            

        1 storage cabinet                           

        1 4-tier locker set                           

        1 permanent planner                       

        1 clock magnetic planner               

        Extra magnets                                

        Local Area Network   


Other Needs


        Video Recorder

        Public Address System

        500 Collapsible Chairs

        50 Ten- Seater tables   

        10 Marquees 

        2 Deep Freezer      





   Current Project
Girls' Gym

 The Girls' Gym expansion and rehabilitation works were done by the 1961Year Group. It is yet to be equipped. 

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Current Project
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Rehabilitation of Sewerage

The sewerage system of Achimota School has been on the brink of extinction for some timenow. Even though the system is over 80 years old, age is not its problem. More...

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Notable Alumni - Political Leaders
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