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Rehabilitation of Sewerage

The sewerage system of Achimota School has been on the brink of extinction for some timenow. Even though the system is over 80 years old, age is not its problem.  Its problem stems from the severity of the encroachment of the School farm land.

 The System has virtually collapsed because the built up nature of the land has resulted in a house being built on one of the major sewage pipes. The sprinklers have ground to a halt and their drain has been blocked by the fence wall right against the sprinkler system.

 A manhole which was at the side of the road at the Golf Course junction was not relocated during a road expansion work but rather blocked with debris. This problem and the problems at the School Farm snowballed into the sewage crisis of …….. . The sewage was unable to flow into the treatment chamber and as such it backed up and overflowed by the roadside near the Golf Course junction. It caused quite an uproar because it was in plain view. The Accra Metropolitan Authority threatened to close the School down if the problem was not resolved immediately.

 Resources were mobilized and several cesspit emptiers were engaged from Zoomlion and Ghana Armed Forces dislodge all the manholes in the School and the treatment chamber. On the eve of the dislodging all the manholes were mapped and cesspit emptiers assigned to them.  The manhole in the middle of the road had to be dislodged at midnight to help alleviate the problem. The problem was solved temporarily the following day when all the sewage was carted away.

 A comprehensive report has been submitted to the School Board with several recommendations and options which are capital intensive. A long term solution is yet to be agreed on.


Contractors handling the projects : Mantract Ghana
Period of projects : 2010
School / OAA : P.T.A
Contractor : OAA
Name : Koo Idrisu
Telephone : +233 6374 74 22, +233 0000000
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Location : 22nd Avenue
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