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OAA '93 - Archives Restoration

 This is a project undertaken by the 1993 year group as their 25 years celebration legacy project led by the President Mrs Antoinette Kuofie. "Renovation of the General Offices, Registry and Archives".

-        Refurbishment of archive room and providing a well-structured archiving system. The records were moved from 5 different rooms into a centralized location developed to house them in an orderly way. The records were indexed and catalogued and handed over to the school administrator to allow easy location and retrieval of documents.

-        Refurbishment of the administration block 'General Offices' and registry and setup of a local area network (LAN) of 15 workstations equipped with a high-speed scanner, photocopier and printer. This involved changing the electrical wiring for the offices, stripping them and putting in an acoustic ceiling with spotlights, air conditioners and brand new modern furniture, including bookcases, professional desks and ergonomic chairs.

-        Provision of a Student Information Management System (SIMS) to help the school reduce the amount of paper records generated with the aim of becoming paper free.

-        Scanning of historical student records and cataloguing and indexing of digitized records into the Student Information Management System (SIMS). Based on the completion of cataloguing and indexation of the student records, we have a total of 584 boxes (archives from 1924) to scan with each box containing about 1500 documents per box.

The first three phase of the project has been delivered at a cost of Ghc296,935.00. Project was handed over on 27th February 2018.

Phase four has encountered a few challenges that are being dealt with to allow the full project to be completed.

An additional Ghc50,000.00 for I.T Equipment and Ghc200,000.00 for the scanning services will be required to complete phase 4.

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