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Cadet Square - OAA '68

This project was under taken by the 1968 year group as part of their 50 years celebration legacy project led by the President Ms Gwenda Sam.

The project involved the following;

-        Extension of the Parade Grounds from 43 x 49m to 43 x 69m (approximately 30% expansion of the parade ground)

-        Construction of Terraced seating for 400 spectators

-        Stone paving of existing walkway - 640m2

-        Reconstruction of access rood

-        Reconstruction of staircases in concrete to replace wooden stairs

-        Construction of washroom with dedicated water tank

-        Rehabilitation of the electrical power and lighting system

-        Provision of additional classroom with furniture

-        General rehabilitation of the existing building

-        Provision of wardrobes for uniforms and boots

-        Connection of power supply to the school generator

-        Provision of 100 uniforms and trainee rifles for drills

The project was completed at a cost of Ghc604,000.00 and handed over on 1st March 2018.



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