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E-Library Services by OAA 72

 This project was undertaken by the 1972 year group as their 45 years celebration legacy project led by the President Mrs Joyce Boeh-Ocansey.

The online library subscription provides access to library materials for the students and staff and will be most useful for those interested in going beyond what is generally taught in the classroom. The students now have access to books ranging from K1 to K12, that is Kindergarten to Senior High School level and covering almost any subject one can think of.

also available is material suitable for University Undergraduate level through to Post-Graduate level and covering a broad spectrum of subject areas.

The online library material comes in form of magazines, general journal articles and academic journal articles in addition to digital books.

A database on poetry and related material is included in the library. There is also a feature that enables teachers to plan curriculum.

The 1972 year group is sponsoring the subscription for three years at a cost of $9,000.00 per year. The E-library was activated and handed over on 14th November 2017.

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