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Boundary Wall

 This project is being funded by GETFUND after a request to H.E The President of the Republic in February 2017.

As a public funded project, we have had to go through all the statutory requirements which included;

-        Inspection by Accra Metropolitan Assembly                  8th June, 2017

-        Preliminary Approval by A.M.A                         13th June, 2017

-        A.M.A Planning Committee Approvals               25th June, 2017

-        Building Permit Approvals                                               8th August, 2017

-        GETFUND Approval

-        Public Procurement Authority Approval

-        Department of Urban Roads Consent

This is a direct contract from the GETFUND to the Ghana Armed Forces on behalf of the school. However the school management and OAA secretariat are part of the technical team for the project.

The Site was handed over on 20th November, 2017 to the Ghana Armed Forces who are using three of their Units to undertake the works. The 48 Engineers Regiment, the 49 Engineers Regiment and the Engineering Training School.

The approved project is for the construction of a perimeter masonry wall along Achimota School boundary in four phases.

Phase 1 is a total length of 5 kilometres which will cover the Eastern compound along Aggrey street and our boundaries with GIMPA and Forestry Commission.

Phase 1A is the construction of the 5 kilometres in 4 lots of 2&1, 1&1 kilometres each.

Phase 1B is the construction of gate and other ancillary facilities. Phase 1A is scheduled to be completed in May 2018. However litigation challenges have stalled the project. It is agreed that the project shall continue in areas free of litigation.

Phase 2 shall take the Area to the west of Aggrey street where the majority of encroachment and illegal developments have taken place.

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Where to Give

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