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The College Yell

In 1924, Rev. Fisher added Tribal Drumming to the Saturday Night amusements of the Students. The Ga students sent a delegation of one (C. T. Nylander,) to interview the James Town Asafo Co. and request of them to grant permission to the Ga students at the College to use their ‘yell”. This was granted. Soon all the other tribes were joining in this yell for inspiration.


 The School Yell:


 Osa ee – yie!

 E eee – yie D.C.

 Hee apagyafo! D.C.

 Se yen ko oo !

 Se ye rebe ko oo ! !

 Ye reko sa so oo

 Hine! Hine! Hine!

 Aboa bi resu oo gyata bi resu oo oo

 Hine! Hine! Hine!

 Aboabi resu oo

 Gyata bi resu

 Oko e e e hine!

 Aboa e e e hine

 Aboa bi reba o o o

 Gyata bi reba o o o Hine !


The above words were printed often in the College’s Hen Mbiri (our Times of 1924-1925). In their ancient wars the gas sang their war-songs in Akan to make their enemies (Akwamus and Asantis) understand and so become frightened). Translated the yell means.



 This battle! This battle!

 Hail carriers’ and drummers! D. C.

 Whether we shall fight or no

 We shall proceed to the field

 Hark, hark! An animal roars

 Hark, it is the lion roaring

 It comes! Hark! Hark!

 It comes! Hark1 hark!

 An animal is roaring

 A lion is roaring: Hark! Hark!



Note: The Lion was the Ga Asafo.

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